2023 EPS Insights

Welcome to our 2023 EPS Insights

Welcome from Lysa McKenna

Lysa McKenna

Managing Director, Corporate Markets ANZ
Link Group

Since 2020, we saw number of companies utilise equity plans to reward their employees for their resilience during the pandemic induced lockdowns and downturn. We have observed and are pleased to report a number of companies have continued to offer new awards in 2023.

2023 has also seen sharp increases to inflation and interest rates that has adversely impacted the national wage growth; and once again to retain and reward employees, companies are utilising the employee equity plans as a key part of the remuneration mix.

Positive changes to the Employee share scheme legislation include bringing Class order exemptions under the Corporations act and removing of Cessation of employment as a taxing has been well received by employees and employers.

This year, Salary Sacrifice Employee Incentive Plans and Employee Share Match Plans are the focus of our insights report. These insights include plan trends and how companies have utilised the features of these plans as a tool to retain, motivate and reward their employees.

These insights are based on our clients' plans and implemented by Link Group’s Equity Plan Solutions (EPS) team. It builds on the previous year's research and brings new insights into the operation of the salary sacrifice Broad-Based Plans.

This report contains insights on:

  • listed salary sacrifice incentive plan trends
  • valuation and share-based payment requirements
  • an update on ESS tax and legislative matters
  • a discussion with Technology One Limited about their Employee Share Match Plans, and the philosophy behind it.

Key takeaways include:

  • Link Group’s EPS team has been busy, managing projects for our 170+ plan administration clients.
  • Greater employee participation - 82% of S&P/ASX 200 companies managed by Link Group now have a General Employee Share Plan.
  • ESS Taxing Event update - Removal of 'cessation’ as a taxing event will reduce the administrative burden for employees and employers.
  • ESS Legislation update - to the Corporations Act and cessation of exemptions under the Class Order 14/1000.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now live on Link Market Services’ Investor Centre

As a global, digitally enabled business, making sure millions of people can access their assets safely, securely and responsibly is our top priority. Link Group is proud to launch multi-factor authentication (MFA) in our award-winning Investor Centre app for all security holders and employees.

MFA is mandatory for all users and the release included simple registration steps to help implement the new feature. Our Investor Centre login pages have been updated to incorporate the enhanced features of MFA, in addition to our MFA User Guide and FAQ page.

We continue to invest in digital transformation, data and cyber security. We’re excited about the release of this new feature and welcome the introduction of further controls as recommended by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) into our IT frameworks.